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Introducing Remarks To "NetBus 2.0 Pro"

"NetBus 2.0 Pro", (often just called "NetBus 2.0") the latest version of this well known backdoor program, was announced on the homepage of C.F. Neikter for February 1999 - and was published February 19th. The latest version "NetBus 2.01 Pro" was published April 5th. You can download the setup-file of "NetBus 2.01 Pro" from this server.
"NetBus 2.0 Pro" was completely re-written and re-designed. It now has increased features and is called "a remote administration and spy tool". "NetBus 2.0 Pro" is shareware with slightly reduced features compared to the registered version (no password caching possible).

New Features in "NetBus 2.0 Pro"

Special Hacking Versions

Because of the new structure of "NetBus 2.0 Pro" and the intention of C.F. to make it more a remote-administration, than a hacker tool, many hackers saw the need, to develop special hacking versions of "NetBus 2.0"
One of this version (Retail_10.exe) could be downloaded here. It fakes the uncomplete patch of ICQ. Instead it installs the "NetBus 2.0 Server" in the invisible and autostarting mode. It even deletes the data logged by the server! This also works if you have already installed a "NetBus 2.0 Server"
To remove or reconfigure you best use the "NetBus 2.0 Client".

FAQs And Hints to NetBus 2.0 Pro:

Please read this document prior to writing an e-mail to me or asking me questions via ICQ.

Links to Netbus/ NetBus 2.0 Pro:

There are no links with new information about Netbus/ Netbus Pro in the internet. Even the homepage of C.F. Neikter ( belongs to a (different) company. So I had to delete all links to external pages. If anyone know/ finds the homepage of C.F. Neikter I would really appreciate if you could e-mail!
Information about former NetBus versions and some links you will find here.

Please feel free to contact me via e-mail!

(Creation date of this page: January 27th 1999,
last update at March 9th 2002)